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Basic Manners

Basic Manners

Every dog should know basic manners. This is what makes them great companions and members of the family. In my opinion, below are some of the basic manners every dog should know in addition to the basic cues (sit, down, etc.):

    • Greet visitors politely without jumping on them or barking at the doorbell
    • Wait by the door instead of bolting through
    • Lie down on the mat and wait patiently during the family dinner instead of begging
    • Walk on a loose leash and wait for you at the intersections so you can cross together
    • Leave It and Come are great exercise that can save your dog's life
    • Allow to be groomed

    During Our Training Session

    I will leave custom notes before I leave. You will aslo have access to my password protected portal with training videos and instructions.

    Duration and Frequency

    My recommendation is a package includes 5 (five) sessions that are 1.5 hours each. I can also do 3 (three) sessions package if it is more feasible financially. First two sessions might be one week apart. After that we will meet every 2 weeks.


    At least in the beginning, it is best to have working sessions in your home. This will enable me to observe your dogs in their daily “habitat”. When needed we will go to different high traffic areas to practice around other dogs and people.


    The cost of 5 (five) 1.5 hour sessions is $450. I do not charge per dog in multi-dog households. I charge per session.

    The cost of 3 (three) 1.5 hour sessions is $270. I work prepaid and take payments via PayPal.

    The amount of information you will receive in 3 sessions will be almost the same as in 5 sessions. The difference is in the number of chances you get to practice under my supervision. 5 sessions allow for a more leisurely speed of the training program.

    I offer 20% military discount and 10% senior discount. Please alert me that you qualify before I send you the invoice.