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Scence-Based Dog Training

Our training program is built on decades of scientific research and practical development by behavior analysts, ethologists and event-marker trainers around the world.


We try to avoid stereotyping dog breeds and their abilities.

No Two Dogs are the Same

No two dogs are the same. A good trainer must be knowledgeable and flexible.

Never Too Early or Too Late

It is never too late or too early to begin working with your dog.

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Nosework Group Classes

Puppy training



Many dog sports are designed around exceptional canine abilities to jump, run, fetch, or chase. There is a new rapidly growing sport that focuses on dogs' primary way of communication - their nose. We, humans, cannot even begin to unravel the olfactory capacity of a dog. We do understand the process: skeletal structure, tissue development, and brain function, but we can only imagine the magnitude of the force of smell as it affects dogs' daily function.

Imagine empowering your dog's primal ability to locate scent and channeling it into a fun activity you can do together. We teach dogs to locate minute traces of birch, anise or clove during searches that imitate real world. We teach them to indicate where the scent source is located while searching containers, vehicles, interior, and exterior areas.

Nosework opens a new dimension in your relationship with your dog. The activity is great for dogs of all sizes and dispositions. We practice with one dog at a time, making it an ideal environment for fearful and reactive dogs.

Back-Chaining Alert Group Class

Class description:

  • Teaching reliable alert - freezing of the nose to target. Recommended before beginning of searches.
  • Supplies provided.
  • Limited to 6 students.
  • You pay for 6 weeks. You have 8 weeks to use up your sessions.
  • Please choose time option: Saturdays at noon and Thursdays at 7 pm.
  • Modular class. You can start at any time.
  • Cost: $150
  • Where: First Class Kennels, 701 S. Lincoln Street, Dallas NC 28034
  • Please choose day and time


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